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The Superintendent of Ohio Schools stopped by Maysville High School to talk about the Straight A Fund.

It was created by Governor John Kasich. This provides schools with the means to meet the learning needs of students and reduce the cost of keeping a school and its district up and running. Dr. Richard Ross says that Maysville High School Students are excited about the opportunity.

"The students are excited about it. They’re engaged. To me we have 24,000 drop outs in this state and I think as we re-think and re-look at education this engagement of students and their learning, their personal learning is hugely important."

We also had the opportunity to talk to Dr. Ross about the safety plans schools have put in place. Ross feels it is something that needs to be thought out.

"At the very least, school districts and parents and teachers and students outta practice it. It outta be well thought out, so I’m a big advocate of that and I think that we’re seeing some real improvement in safety plans around the state."

To learn more about the Straight A Fund Project, you can visit the website:

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