Retired Ohio Supreme Court Justice aims to help Veterans

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Retired Ohio Supreme Court Justice Evelyn Lundberg Stratton spoke at the Secrest Auditorium Monday afternoon. Her message was one of encouragement.

Her goal is to spur a movement of creating veteran’s courts to help veterans cope with their post traumatic stress disorder and other disorders from wartime trauma. The exposure to IED explosions that members of the military often are exposed to generates brain trauma in many soldiers.

"What happens is they get the IED explosions repeatedly, and it’s a concussive, which instead of a single shot like a football it goes through the entire brain," Lundberg Stratton said. "We don’t even understand it yet, and so we’re really trying to understand all this."

Lundberg Stratton said that they need to take a look at what causes some veterans to become violent, to over medicate and eventually what leads them into the criminal justice system. She wants to help veterans before they run into problems with the criminal justice system.

"So many of the issues that end up causing them to go to jail could have been averted if we could have gotten to them before they started self-medicating," Lundberg Stratton said. "If we could have helped them re-adjust, if we could realize that we need to deal with their post traumatic stress disorder."

Lundberg Stratton added that there is an estimate of between 300,000 and 500,000 veterans returning from war with some kind of traumatic brain injury.

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