Inkwell Reunion Panel at the Nelson T. Gant Foundation

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Saturday at the Nelson T. Gant Foundation, the Inkwell Reunion Panel dipped into Zanesvilles history.

Earnie Bynum Sr. and Rev. Robert L. Palmer Sr. reminisced about their time at pool #2. Palmer said that during his time as director and pool manager back in the ’40s he was unaware of its name " Inkwell" but he recalled fond memories of teaching aquatic classes.

"We always had a wonderful time there. We had classes. I taught classes. Swimming, boating, fishing and all those kind of classes. And taught diving. And all the youth that come  through all of my classes, i was very happy that they passes through the classes in swimming and diving  "

The Inkwell,  located where the Gant Municipal Stadium parking lot now sits, was  less than half the size of the spacious "whites only" Municipal Swimming Pool . The pool eventually  became integrated in the mid ’50s when pool #1 closed.  The current Education Chairman at the Foundation, Anita Jackson, says she believes it is important to understand and learn about our Zanesville history.

"Some people know a lot about the Inkwell, but unfortunately, there are a lot of people in Zanesville and surrounding area that do not know very much about the Inkwell. Se we are hoping that our panelist will be able to provide information about that time period. "

The panel began at 11:00am Saturday morning and lasted for a few hours.

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