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The Ohio Auditor stopped in Zanesville today to talk about his new fraud app.

Ohio Stops Fraud is available for download for both the iPhone and the Android. It’s free, easy to use and if one wishes, allows you to remain absolutely anonymous in tip sharing on suspected fraud activity. Auditor Dave Yost says this app is a way to help fight fraud, and make sure money is going where it should.

"At a time when nobody wants to do taxes and government never has enough money to do the things it thinks it needs to, this is a way to fight fraud and make sure that that money is going where it needs to go."

The responses to this apps release has been a positive one, and according to Yost, tips are being received every week.

"Oh it’s great, we’ve had hundreds of downloads….we get people every so often, once a week sending us something that they saw that they thought was questionable. We follow up on every tip we get."

If you dont have a smartphone and still wish to report fraud, you can call the fraud hotline 1-866-372-8364 or via the auditors website: ohioauditor.gov

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