Semi Full of Pork Bellies Catches On Fire

Local News

The Zanesville Fire Department says a semi tractor trailer caught on fire Thursday as it was driving through Zanesville. 
Z-F-D say it happened around 10:30 on I-70 eastbound between the Underwood Street on-ramp and the Hamline Bridge.  Investigators say the truck’s brakes caught on fire which in turn caught the tire and trailer on fire.  The driver – Bruce Yarnell – was carrying pork bellies which were being transported to a plant in Lancaster, Pennsylvania to make bacon. Both lanes of I-70 were closed from 10:30 until around 11:30 and traffic was diverted into the downtown area which caused more traffic congestion.  The scene was cleared around 1:00 p.m. and both lanes of I-70 were reopened to traffic. No injuries were reported.