Chance to Ride in an American Classic Aircraft

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A piece of American living history is on display at Zanesville Municipal Airport but only for a limited amount of time.

The community is asked to come out to view a rare B-17 bomber built during the WWII time period. The plane is named Sentimental Journey and carries 70 years of history.

" Well back in day she was built too late to actually to see any service during the war. They sent her to the Philippines were she was used a transport plane for general Mcarthur’s higher ranking officers in the Philippines. After the war they kept her in the Pacific and made a photo mapping aircraft out of it, " said Jim Ritchie Flight Crew Chief.

People have the chance to fly in the historic plane for a fee and tour the inside of the fighter machine. Ritchie says it’s a once in a lifetime experience.

" It’s not the cheapest thing to do but you’re are flying in a piece of living history. It’s not like just jumping on a modern plane and going to another city. This is kind of a living tribute a memorial to all the young fellas that served through the 2nd war," said Ritchie.

Flying in the back of the plane will cost $425 and for a cockpit ride it will cost upwards of $800. People can also tour the plane for just $5 and kids under the age of 12 are free. The plane will be in Zanesville until this Sunday. For hours and to set up a flight or tour feel free to call 602-448-9415.

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