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The Ohio State Veterinary Hospital and members of the Falls Township Fire Department received awards and a belated recognition for saving the life of the late "Zero", once a member of the Muskingum County Sheriff’s K-9 unit.

Before Zero passed in 2012, he became sick while on duty in 2011 and the actions of these two organizations allowed him to fully recover from a nearly fatal heat stroke.

"I believe they started an IV, gave him fluids and did all the necessary measures during the transport," said OSU EMS Center member, Bill Barks.

In 1998 Falls Township EMS responders were asked by the sheriff’s department to offer care to their four legged partners. Lt. Pete Fisher started the K-9 unit at the department and says that he appreciates the efforts made by the organization since their agreement.

"They were willing to put their people through some educational programs and teach them basic needs for a K-9," said Fisher.

The program has since sparked interest in offering more EMS dog care training to first responders. Law enforcement officials say that the K-9 unit puts their lives on the line just like any other member of the department. The sheriff’s office would also like to remember Zero’s 13 years of service, he started work at just 6 months old.

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