The “Great Battery Round Up” Begins Next Week

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In celebration of Earth Day this April 22nd, AAA and NAPA Auto Parts are gathering and recycling old batteries for the "Great Battery Round Up".

More than a million lead-acid batteries are left in garages, backyards, or dumped illegally each year. From April 20th to the 26th, any motorists who bring their old batteries to participating NAPA Auto Parts or AAA Car Care Plus Centers will receive a free $10 store credit to that location (up to $20 per customer).

"The batteries have acid and lead. You don’t want to leave them laying around. It’s bad for the environment, yourself, your pets, your kids. So this way, we’ll take care of them in a safe way," said Bill Reid, Central Ohio Tire Manager.

When handling old batteries be sure to keep the batteries upright and tightly secure before transporting them. Make sure not to smoke near batteries or expose them to open flames.

"You should wear gloves and don’t get them against your clothes cause it will eat your clothes, and at least put them on some paper or something like that if you bring them in here so they don’t eat the carpet out of your car," said Reid.

A list of locations participating in the "Great Battery Round Up" can be found at Participating locations in Muskingum county include…

GKM Enterprises 1320 13th St., Dresden
GKM Enterprises 43 Beaumont St., Zanesville
Central Ohio Tires 435 Linden Ave., Zanesville

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