Girl Scout Troop 615 Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser

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Girl Scout Troop 615 from Nashport Elementary is up for their Bronze Award and they need your support.

Heather Fischer leads the fourteen 4th and 5th grade Junior Girl Scouts. They need twenty hours of community service to achieve their goal. They have chosen to support the animal shelter.

"We just really want to help the community," said Claire Martin, Troop 615 Girl Scout. "For our Bronze Award we just have to make a difference and impact the community. And the animal shelter, everybody here loves animals, so you know, it all works out! "

The girls have been taking care of animals and cleaning at the shelter. This Saturday, they will be holding a spaghetti dinner at First Christian Church, located at 3000 Dresden Rd. One hundred percent of the proceeds will go to support the animal shelter.

"We have the spaghetti dinner on Saturday April 12th so I’m just really excited for that too," said Elizabeth Day, Troop 615 Girl Scout. "It’s just really fun to help out all the animals and I really hope people hear this and adopt one or two."

The spaghetti dinner will take place in the at First Christian Church in the Fellowship Hall from 5-7 PM. Tickets for children are $4 dollars $7 for adults. You can buy tickets at the door or at Susie’s Favorites on Old National Rd.

Some fun facts about some of the girls….

Elizabeth Day only likes her spaghetti with butter and salt on it and says "it’s just my opinion, everyone else can have theirs". She has a sheltie named Katie.

The girls helped to make the 500 meatballs for the spaghetti dinner with Pam Naubach, a mom of one of the girls. Elizabeth said "it was hard work…we probably made the first twenty…but it was fun and we got to watch Frozen. It was a girls night out thing".

All of the girls unanimously loved Frozen.

Anna Paul has been a girl scout since 1st grade and loves Savanna Smiles and their lemon flavor.

Brynna Wolfold is a hard worker and looks forward to this Saturday’s dinner. She said "we’re going to take different shifts, serving and clean up. We’re also asking donations of paper towels and food".

Ava Fisher says she is hoping to earn the gold award with her girl scout troop. She knows the gold award can help with scholarships. She enjoys reading and thinks she might want to be a teacher.

Riley Moore has been a girl scout since 1st grade and likes helping out and interacting with the community. She DID NOT have fun cooking the meatballs. She likes Samoas and reading and the Harry Potter series.

Help these ladies earn their Bronze Award by supporting them this Saturday!