Fools on the Roof Event Goes on Despite Rainy Weather

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Due to rainy weather the annual Fools on the Roof Fundraiser took place at ground level on Friday.

Efforts to raise money for the American Cancer Society were not dampened. Participants called all of their friends, family and business partners to reach their fundraising goals.

" We are doing really well so far today," said Income Development Specialist at the American Cancer Society, Jonathan Schuler. We had seven people from Walgreens in here who collectively raised $3,000. Sheriff Matt Lutz has raised $2,000 and he should be stopping in later today. "

The money raised will go toward research, education and programs that help people recover and cope with cancer. Many of the people in attendance were directly affected by the disease.

" I lost my aunt to lung cancer, another aunt had skin cancer my uncle currently has prostate cancer and when I was in high school I lost a close friend to Leukemia, said Schuler."

Fools on the Roof was held at American Pride and for each lawn mower sold the business donated $100 to the cause. Organizers are reminding people to sign up for the big American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life event taking place on June 7 and 8 at the Muskingum County Fairgrounds.

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