County Commissioners Receive Spring Grant

Local News

The Muskingum County Commissioners and the Convention and Visitors’ Bureau received $10,000 from the Muskingum County Community Foundation this week and they are already planning uses for the newly acquired funds.

Commissioner, Jerry Lavy says that they applied for the Foundation’s Spring Grant earlier this year and hoped to use the money to beautify our county. Especially during the holidays.

"There’s some ideas that have come up like some of our surrounding county neighbors, they have different themes that they have at their locations so what we are doing is trying to come up with a theme that we want to do maybe a storybook, " said Lavy.

The idea came about this past winter during the Miracle on Main Street event. Some of the plans possibly include getting new Christmas lights and decorating local landmarks including the Y Bridge, Muskingum County Court House and much more.

" We are looking at the Zane Grey National Road Museum, possibly the John and Annie Museum over in New Concord and the 40 stretch over in Muskingum County will have that holiday spirit," said Lavy.

The county commissioners plans to work closely with members of the chamber on this project in hopes to increase tourism to our county.