Zanesville Memorial Concert Band Needs Your Help

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The Zanesville Memorial Concert Band is gearing up for another hot summer concert season, but they are in need of your support.

After the merger of the 7th Regiment and Armco bands in 1923, the Zanesville Memorial Concert Band was formed. Since then they have promoted the arts and music within our schools and the community. This will be the 91st year of the band performances.

 "We have our special concerts this year, of course around July 4th we do a lot of patriotic type music. We are planning a children’s concert for the second performance this year, and also kind of a Christmas in July concert, which is going to be a lot of fun," said Jeff Roquemore
Artistic Director, ZMCB.

Programs are featured to include marches, jazz, Broadway, movie themes, as well as classical pieces. Concerts will be held along the Muskingum river at Zane’s Landing Park. As always, you’re encouraged to bring blankets, chairs and picnics for a family friendly evening of entertainment.

"That’s our main mission, is to give free concerts in the city parks during the summer months. And of course we do more. We try to be involved in any way possible in other community events such as the Dancing Divas and the Genesis Tree of Life," said Roquemore.

The Zanesville Memorial Concert Band is in need of support from both local officials as well as residents. If you would like to donate to the band and help keep the free summer concert program going, you can find a link to their donation form at

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