Area Children Show Off Their Musical Talents

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Area children performed for their family, friends and teachers at the Ohio University Zanesville Campus at Elson Hall.

Sunday was the Annual Junior Music Club Festival Recital." Participants were from all over Muskingum County and ranged in age from 8th grade and younger, the youngest of the group was in the 2nd grade. Area music club instructors introduced each of their pupils to guests before performing.

"It’s a special time for parents and grandparents, for the kids and the teachers, it’s a coming out time of the season. How accomplished have you been this year, and a chance to hear the older students which can inspire them to work a little harder, " said music instructor, James McLaughlin.

Some students played the piano, while some opted to play the violin, there were also other children who chose to sing. A variety of music was performed throughout the concert. Each song had a purpose.

"It’s pretty much classical music, but its certainly instructional music as they are growing their way into high school and middle school age level," said McLaughlin.

More than 20 children performed at the recital and some hope to take their music careers further as they become more experienced. The program given by the Thursday Music Club.

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