ODOT Prepares For The Worst

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Crews from the Muskingum County ODOT Garage will be working around the clock to prep roadways for the snow, ice, and rain mix that’s expected to hit late Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning. ODOT Transportation Administrator, Phil Valentine, says shifts are being established and crews are pre-loading their trucks.

"This is gonna be one of those events it could go either way," said Valentine. "We could have high snowfall, ice, and either way it’s a bad scenario. We’re prepared for the worst case scenario with the quarter to half inch of ice."

Valentine says crews will use both salt and a calcium mix to treat the roads, but says the ice will make the roads "difficult to maintain."

"So there’s a pretty good chance that come tomorrow morning that roads could be in pretty bad shape. It should rapidly clean up but it’ll take for the event to end for it to really catch up with it."

Valentine says there will be 18 to 20 drivers on assigned routes for every shift, but warns drivers that the roads could still be icy Wednesday morning. So make sure to leave your self plenty of time and room on the roadways.

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