Bluegrass Pipeline Meetings This Saturday

Local News

Attorney’s Bill Goldman and Michael Braunstein will be talking with property owners this Saturday, Jan.25 about the 24 inch pipeline that’s making its way through the state.

"It’s important that property owners understand their rights. Understand what the appropriate compensation should be," Goldman explained. "In these situations they deserve money, fair market value for the land that’s part of the easement, and then, money for any damages or decrease in value."

Goldman, who has settled hundreds of cases involving a Sunoco pipeline, says whether or not property owners choose him to represent them, its necessary they understand their obligations, liability, and how it will affect their property value.Goldman says if you’re asked to sign anything, hold off until you discuss the contract with an attorney.

"There’s no need to feel pressure, even if the land agents indicate if they don’t sign, they’re not gonna get money. All of that is a sales technique. Let your attorney’s stand between you and the gas company, and get the appropriate deal."

The first meeting will be held at the Roseville Community center at 10 a.m. and second will be at the Philo Library at 1p.m.