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After a shaky start for the Affordable Care Act roll out in October. . . things are now looking up and more than 6 thousand Ohioans have signed up for healthcare coverage.

Commonly known as Obamacare, it expands opportunities to Americans. In 2014, it will be law that most individuals need to purchase health insurance. It is a complicated system and to help people understand it, an expert was in Zanesville today to explain it further.

"Some of the questions were just on time line and paying the premiums and the schedule for that,” said Jodi Mitchell, a Health Policy Program Officer at Mt. Sinai Healthcare Foundation. “Also knowing who is in the community, the resources, where to go for that information. So we walked through the websites that you could get that information and the different organizations locally that could provide help."

Mitchell says there is plenty of assistance available and Ohioans just need to be connected to a trusted agent or counselor to find the right coverage.

"So we are just encouraging people to go out and find out their options, find out what they qualify for. There is a lot of research that has to take place before you enroll, you need to know about your provider networks, You need to find out all of that and get the assistance that you need."

Mitchell says there are various websites to offer information including the heavily criticized federal marketplace. . . healthcare.gov. Mitchell says the initial problems have been resolved. On the site, there is also a local help page to find certified counselors in our area at localhelp.healthcare.gov. December 23rd is the deadline to select a plan and pay first months premium to be covered on January 1st.

Other helpful websites:

  • Ohioforhealth.org  – Provides a local Ohio navigator.
  • Benefits.ohio.gov – Provides information on Medicaid expansion

You can also email Jodi and she will be happy to help you or point you in the right direction. Her email is jodi.mitchell@case.edu


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