New Tech Academy Breakfast Club Focuses On The Future

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Three times a year, freshman, sophomores and juniors at New Tech Academy meet with "community partners," who are people from around the area that act as mentors to students, helping them with with recommendations and giving them advice. Students spent the morning meeting with their community partners to work on vision boards and set three goals they want to accomplish. For freshman Tianna Sipia, her focus is graduating with good grades and possibly attending law school..

"On my vision board, there’s my name and three smart goals that i have and quotes that motivate me," Sipia explained. "I want to graduate from high school with a 3.0 GPA or higher, I want to go to law school or culinary arts."

The Breakfast Club has helped Sharezz Roundtree realize just how much he wants to join the track team and find a college program where he can turn his love for fixing up old cars into a reality.

"They do fun stuff like this to express yourself because to be honest, I knew I loved cars and track, I just didn’t know how to put it out and they made a good way for us to put it out and they made a good way for us to put it out on the vision board," said Roundtree.

New Tech Academy was started by Bill Gates after he realized too many students were graduating high school without being prepared for life after graduation. The Breakfast Club will meet again in April.

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