Ohio Grant Funds Local Education Project

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27 rural ohio school districts will receive funding from an Ohio grant aimed to further education and Northern Local School District is one of them.

The Ohio Appalachian Collaborative worked together to apply for the Ohio Straight A Fund and was approved for just under $15,000,000 worth of funding to provide post secondary courses to students in the area.

"We will get just under $500,000 and what we will use that for is the technology needed to do the distance learning where we will work with other school districts that have teachers that are dual credited and our students will be able to take courses that they don’t offer here on campus at other campuses, " said Northern Local Schools Superintendant, Tom Perkins.

The grant will give more than 48,000 students a chance to receive a college education free of charge. The classes cost approximately $200 per student but will be provided by through the allotted funds. Students who enroll in the program will have a chance to receive an Associate’s Degree by the time graduation rolls around.

"I think this is something that we have been wanting for a long time and we have been trying to find ways to give our students the opportunity that others have throughout the state. This means that students have easier access to college rather than driving to the universities, they can do it at our own campuses so I think that it not only provides the opportunity for education, but a significant saving for students and their families," said Perkins.

Perkins hopes to one day have a fully functioning university placed at the schools campus, but until then he says he is thankful that the state was a proprietor for such an expansive project.

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