Structure Fire in Downtown Zanesville

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Fire fighters at the Zanesville Fire Department worked tirelessly to put out a structure fire on South Sixth Street on Sunday.

At approximately 11 a.m. authorities say that the fire department was dispatched to 19 South Sixth Street in reference to smoke coming from a downtown building. Once at the scene the department determined that the situation was worse than imagined.

"We found this building with smoke, it showing heavy smoke coming from the ground floor up found fire on all four floors of it, " said Zanesville Fire Department Assistant Chief Bob Long.

Long says that fire fighters originally attempted to kill the fire from the inside and after that didn’t work they implemented new methods.

"The men fought the fire as long as safety possible from the inside and we went to a defensive mode. We brought everyone out and started started bringing water in to try extinguish the bulk of the fire, " said Long.

Long says that the final step is to check for hotspots and make sure the blaze will not return. The cause of the fire has yet to be determined and still remains under investigation. There were no inhabitants in the building and no injuries reported. Long says the structure will have to be demolished due to its unsafe nature. Falls Township and South Zanesville fire departments assisted on scene as well as local emergency response crews.



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