Zanesville Man Crashes SUV Into IBEW Hall

Local News

Muskingum County Sheriff’s Deputy Chris Hartman says a Zanesville man was traveling north on Frazeysburg Road when he veered off the side of the road and crashed his SUV into the International Brotherhood of Electrical Worker’s hall. Jason Pfeifer, a training director at IBEW, was working when he heard the crash.

"I was just doing paperwork and heard the extremely loud bang and came up the hallway here to see what had happened and as you can see the damage," said Pfeifer.

Deputy Hartman says the driver was taken to the hospital and says it’s still unclear why he veered off the road. There was substantial damage to the structure of the building.

"I would say it’s a fair amount. We’ve got structural damage all along this wall and the roof hasn’t been looked at yet. We just put a new roof on it a little over a year ago so hopefully the rooftop units and everything didn’t get damaged."

Pfeifer says a contractor will be out assessing damage to the building and says the IBEW will remain open. The driver’s name and age are not being released. The accident remains under investigation.

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