Evening Fire at Zanesville Plant

Local News

Black billowing smoke could be seen on the north side of town around 5:15 Tuesday evening due to a Zanesville plant catching fire.

According to Zanesville Fire Department Assistant Chief, Bob Long, the spot fire occurred at 1700 State Street, formerly known as Brockway Glass, because of a build up of grease on the ceiling of the plant. Now known as Zanesville OI, the plant produces various glass products.

"It’s that grease and it’s kind of thick, it’s from the manufacturing process, there is a lot of oil to lubricate parts and what have you,” said Assistant Chief Long. “And that kind of gathers in the ceiling and occasionally catches on fire."

Zanesville Fire, South Zanesville and Falls Township Departments responded to the scene and prepared their water lines to assist putting out the flames, but it was not necessary.

"They had personnel on scene with the water,”  Assistant Chief Long explained. “I think they have experienced this before, so they knew what to do and they had it pretty well knocked down by the time we got here I guess."

Assistant Chief Long said there were no injuries and the grease is what caused the smoke to be so dark.