Extraordinary High School Senior Crowned King

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At Friday night’s homecoming game, West Muskingum High School named Brandon Burke king.

Burke is a typical 19 year old boy, he loves to walk his dogs, play sports with his friends and spend time with his older sister Breanna. The only difference is Burke has Down Syndrome. Burke’s best friend and neighbor for almost his entire life, Wesley King says that helping Brandon get crowned was important to him.

"It started over summer," said King. I was thinking it would be awesome to make Brandon homecoming king. I know that this whole school loves Brandon, so I tweeted it and more people were retweeting it then I made signs. "

King got teachers, the principal and the student body all to get involved to promote Burke as homecoming king. He says that Burke taught him to be grateful and appreciative because of his constant positive attitude.

"Happiest kid in the world right now, he really is. You should’ve seen that smile on his face when his name got announced. He was jumping up and down, he may not know what was happening, but he was the center of attention and that’s what he likes, " said King.

Burke attended the homecoming dance Saturday night, while there he danced with his sister, took pictures with the queen and the homecoming court and hung out with all of his friends.

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