Alpacas of Spring Acres Farm Day

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Alpacas roamed more than 180 acres of land at a local farm day.

In conjunction with National Alpaca Farm Days, the Alpacas of Spring Acres Farm in Zanesville, hosted a community event for residents to become more familiar with the animals. They also introduced the public to their new business venture, that includes working with the fleece that they produce from more than 60 alpacas at the farm.

"We are getting ready to open our new weaving and conference center at the first of the year," said owner, Rebecca Camma.We will be doing classes in knitting and weaving and all of the fiber arts, and also allowing space for any meetings or conferences. "

The Camma’s say that alpaca fleece is less itchy than wool, it’s hypoallergenic, and has a better texture than other similar furs. It also has a variety of uses.

"It’s like silk it’s so soft and that’s what we are breeding for, we breed for the fineness and the density of the fleece, and then we have it sent to the mill and made into yarn, and then we take the yarn and make it into rugs or anything, " said Camma.

At the farm there was also chickens, llamas, dogs and plenty of fresh grown fruits and vegetables. If you missed the farm day, the Cammas are always giving tours. For more information you can visit their website.

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