Backwood Festival Comes to an End

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Folk music, craft sellers and homemade dishes were all available at a community festival in Thornville on Sunday.

This was the 18th year that the Backwoods festival took place in Perry County. The festival started after a craft maker and his wife got tired of going to shows to sell his work and decided to create their own. The festival continues to grow each year because more and more vendors want to participate.

"It’s a year long process, it isn’t just three days," said Owner Kathy Launders. We start in January with signing up vendors, a lot of the vendors today want to give me money and sign up for next year, but we wait until January 1st for the vendors."

More than 300 vendors were present at the festival. Launders says around 30,000 came to the event last year. She says there is something for everyone throughout the winding woods.

" there’s toys for the kids that they’ve made, there’s pottery, crafts. wood and jewelry… There’s an encampment area," said Launders.

There was little to no electricity used at the festival to keep with the outdoor theme. The festival ran from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.


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