Enrollment is Up at OUZ

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Many universities across the state are reporting enrollment numbers are up this year after many saw a dip last year.

Seventeen Ohio schools, including Ohio University Zanesville, switched from a quarter to semester schedule last fall and enrollment suffered, so this increase in student population is a welcomed change.

"Enrollment for the fall is up,” said Enrollment Manager, Susan Montgomery. “As of about a week and half ago we have an increase of about 3%. We currently have a couple of new initiatives going on which will increase enrollment and we are just finishing up our last orientation program tomorrow so we will have enrollments for this week that were not calculated in that."

Montgomery expects after these recent calculations are added in, enrollment should be about a 5 percent increase from last year, which is mainly because of the new initiatives mentioned.

"We have working with a dual enrollment program with some of the area high schools and this is a new one for us, we had the post secondary students before that but this is a new dual enrollment program where we are bringing in several high school students in broadcasting classes to them or delivering them live for them."

The second initiative is that OUZ is now offering a bachelor of science in nursing.

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