Peaches and Pears are in Season

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Saturday at the Farmer’s Market, a local farmer told the public what fruits and vegetables are in season for late summer and early fall.

Marvin Paul is one of the brothers who owns Paul’s Farm Market on South River Road in Zanesville. His family has had the farm for more than 60 years and he says the produce they offer has changed over time.

"Used to be more field crops, but it’s more of an orchard that we do, but we do have 5 acres still of vegetables," said Paul.

He says business hasn’t been as busy because of the fair this week, but his family still displays plenty of options for customers to choose from.

"Right now peaches are real nice, and we just started the nectarines, and the pears just started to ripen, and some early apples and in the fall apples will be here in the next couple of weeks, " said Paul.

Paul says that it might take awhile for people to see crops like lima beans because the weather has affected the growth pattern for many of the crops. This week the market was held downtown behind the freight shops because of the fair.


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