Texaco Showdown Now At Eaglesticks

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The new venue for the talent show, which features aspiring local artists trying to make it big in the country music industry, will be at Eaglesticks Golf Course in the upper level area on Maysville Pike. The new location will provide a smaller stage for performers for them to give a more personal performance.

"One of the reasons we opted to move the showdown after talking with several parties and talking with some of the performers, a more intimate setting was something that we wanted to go for," said Brian Wagner, Media Operations Manager at WHIZ.

There will also be signage at Secrest Auditorium advising people to instead to go Eaglesticks.

"Food and drinks are available for purchase as well so somebody could come out, have a nice dinner, a nice evening and enjoy the showdown as well."

The showdown starts at 8 O’clock Saturday, August 3. Tickets are still available for purchase at Ticket Crush on Maple Avenue and may not be availble at the door since a sell out is expected. 

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