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A local church came to the rescue when an outreach program needed help with construction.

The Heartbeats of Muskingum Valley is facility that counsels young women through their pregnancy and advocates healthy sexual practices. They are in the process of opening their business on the second floor of the Old Jack Havana’s Restaurant off of Muskingum Avenue. To open on schedule they needed assistance from the community. The members of North Terrace Church of Christ heard their call.

"One of the members of the NTserves group made us aware of what was happening here and we just jumped right in to get involved and offered to do the painting," said volunteer and church member, Stefany Holbein.

Along with painting, the church group scouted the area to find businesses that were willing to donate supplies for the project.

" There are other churches here helping. They have all come together with us to work on this project and with our group, the NTserves group. We got donations from Modern Glass and Sherwin Williams and Lowe’s, and we’re so appreciative of that," said Holbein.

The construction is being done by the Covenant Group and the project manager says that he believes they will be ready to open doors at the beginning of September.

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