City Council Tables Ordinance After Residents Express Concern

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At Monday’s City Council meeting, Council voted to table Ordinance 13-50 which would vacate a small turn around area of Arcadia Lane, after residents expressed their concerns about the project.

"This request came from the public service department and it was my understanding that there were some issues with emergency vehicles trying to get back there and realizing it wasn’t accessible because the city wasn’t maintaining this right of way and hadn’t been maintaining this right of way," said Patrick Denbow, Planning and Zoning Administrator for the City of Zanesville. "And they felt it would be best for it to be closed."

Ward 1 Councilman, Mark Baker suggested council members take a look at the project before voting to pass the ordinance.

"I believe if we table it for two weeks that gives the residents more of a chance to bring to me and the administration their concerns," said Baker. "It gives us a chance to go out their and take a little bit more in-depth look at the problem and then perhaps come up with a better solution."

Denbow says the city will look into the concerns. City council will resume the discussion on the ordinance two weeks from Monday.

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