Local Animal Rescue Center Needs Help

Local News

*The correct number to The South Zanesville Animal Rescue Service is 740-891-8468

A local man needs more space to continue to care for abandoned animals.

Terry Weaver is the owner of the South Zanesville Animal Rescue Services and after five months he says his current facility is lacking the room he needs to properly care for the animals. He met with Muskingum County Commissioners Thursday.

"We’re currently at 56 animals and I could tell you that past four days I turned 37 away from my facility just because I do not have the space or facility to care for those animals and that hurts, " said Weaver.

Weaver says that he’s not requiring much out of a potential donor, but with their help it could save the lives of countless animals.

" We’re not requesting or asking for 100 acres or a 1,000 acres.We are asking for as little as two to three acres for us to be able to move this facility and set up and operate not only on the scale we are operating on now but a much larger scale, " said Weaver.

The South Zanesville Animal Rescue Service is currently located on 527 Grove Avenue at the former Roadway Trucking Terminal. Weaver says he encourages people to come out and see what he and his volunteers do at the rescue center. The rescue service is a kill free facility.