Bigfoot Believers Share Stories Of The Legend

Local News

The 2013 Creature Weekend Conference is this weekend at the Salt Fork State Park Lodge in Cambridge. The three day event has art and drawing contests, a place where people can share their own evidence and a midnight Bigfoot lantern tour.

"A lot of people don’t believe in Bigfoot or the Lochness Monster and that’s fine because the evidence so far is inconclusive and I myself am fairly skeptical, but I think there’s enough evidence to warrant the study and investigation of possible cryptids like Bigfoot or the Lochness Monster that may still survive out there," said Bruce Harrington, Director of Creature Weekend.

Bigfoot enthusiasts were even able to meet Ron Moorehead, who reports he saw and heard Bigfoot during a backpacking trip through the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California. Moorehead recorded the sounds of what could be Bigfoot and had them verified by the University of Wyoming to prove that they aren’t fake.

"Once up there at the cabin. My daughter goes up there with me and she’s seen him three times. The other guys have gotten glimpses too. We know what made the sounds, it’s just hard to get a handle on them because they’re self aware which most people don’t give them credit for. We grossly underestimated them when we were having the close up interaction that they were having," said Moorehead.

Moorehead says he thinks there is more than one Bigfoot out there and says he doesn’t care what the skeptics say.