OUZ Graduates Hear Words Of Wisdom

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The class of 2013, their family and friends, listened guest speakers give words of encouragement as they end this chapter in their life and endeavor on a new one.

"Be curious for the rest of your life and cherish the people that you went through this experience with because you’ll know them for the rest of your lives," said Michael Kline, former professor at OUZ.

A former history professor and an alumni of Ohio University, Kline received the alumni leadership award at the commencement ceremony for his contributions and 47-years of service to the university. Kline says he was excited to be recognized and talked about the importance of having a mentor during college.

"One of the biggest jobs the faculty has is as a mentor to the students who may not know what they want to do and maybe a little bit confused. The faculty can be mentors for them and that’s a wonderful thing."

The graduates had the option to graduate at either the OUZ campus or the main campus in Athens.

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