Value in Public Libraries

Local News

A recent national study from the State Library reported Wednesday that parents who were surveyed still find value in their public libraries.

91% of parents felt libraries were important for children and 84% said libraries play an important role in developing children’s life long love of books and reading.

"So as we here in Muskingum County, look and plan about transforming public libraries in Muskingum county, we see affirmation in many of the things we are trying to do and encouraging to continue,” said Assistant Director at John McIntire Library, Blair Tom. “Ready to read and outreach with head-starts for those 0-5 emerging readers."

Tom also notes, creating a balancing act between traditional library tools with modern technologies, has made Muskingum County libraries even more important in children’s lives.

"So it’s not a neither or. This study supports a balance of both and that’s what we try to do in Muskingum county. It certainly is a daily effort and project because there is always the next thing and a new thing while balancing it with the traditional and valued."

Families also rely on free programs such as crafts, story tellers and computers they can only find at local public libraries.