Rushing Wind Church Raises Money For Hearbeats

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Heartbeats is a non-profit life-affirming pregnancy center. They offer free services like pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, counseling, and a 30-day supply of prenatal vitamins for women who get a positive pregnancy test. The bikers brought nearly one hundred bottles full of money to their weekly "hang-around" before their church service on Saturday.

"This is one way that we raise funds since all of our services are free. This pays for our services which is the ultrasound and prenatal vitamins," said Kimberly Cooper, Client Services Manager at Heartbeats.

Representatives from Heartbeats say each bottle usually has around 20-dollars in it and say they hope to raise around $2,000 from Saturday’s fundraiser to help with the opening of their new location.

"We’ll be opening up a new center on Muskingum Avenue where Jack Havana’s is. We’re going to be on the top floor of that building. We are needing volunteers to help build walls and donate supplies."

To volunteer, or if you need services from Heartbeats you can contact them at or call them at 740-450-5437 to set up an appointment.

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