Fire on Norwood

Local News

The Zanesville Fire Department Responded to a house fire this afternoon at 1754 Norwood Boulevard.

Assistant Fire Chief, Dave Huey says no one was hurt in the blaze that happened around 2:30 and caused a lot of damage to the outside of the house because siding does not hold up well against the heat of a fire.

"Our first unit on scene, reported heavy smoke and fire showing at the back of the house," said Huey. "It looks like it was trash on the back porch, something on the back porch ignited. The home owner did say that there were a couple of trash bags on the back porch they hadn’t taken to the garage yet."

American Electric Power had to be called to the scene to cut the power to the home for safety purposes.

"You can see above the garage, that was the power drop to the house and it had burned off the house and was laying there on the ground live so we had to have aep cut that power. "

No injuries were reported. The name of the homeowner was not immediately available.

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