Fracknation Showing In Zanesville

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Today the Zanesville Patriots held a free public showing of the documentary, "Fracknation" at the Zanesville-Muskingum County Welcome Center in hopes to clear the negative air about fracking. Afterwards, there was a question and answer session where people were able to discuss their thoughts on the movie and ask any questions or concerns they had.

"Education is paramount because although we’ve had over 160 years of oil and gas development in Ohio and it’s been very important to our history, a lot of people think it’s kind of a new issue so when you talk about oil and gas development, you have to talk about all the rules and regulations and the rich history in what we have and what’s going to happen here over the next few years."

The feature documentary investigates the practice of fracking, which is he process of extracting oil and gas from the earth’s surface. The Zanesville Patriots hope to have another free public showing of Fracknation in the future.

"Hopefully the people who saw it today will put out the word and encourage people to come. We’d like to see the people who have the negative thoughts about fracking come, hear the presentation, see the DVD so that they can go away with new knowledge. We did have a couple people who came who said they did have an enlightenment and they said that they were glad that they came."

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