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A little over a month ago President Barack Obama issued 23 executive orders to create better gun control in the United States.

Some of the executive orders include reviewing safety standards for guns, launching a national campaign to promote safe gun ownership and provide law enforcement with proper training when it comes to active shooters. But, one group sees these 23 orders as a threat to the 2nd Amendment and believes the government is trying to take away guns. They’re speaking out against it.

"The government is in our hands," said Zanesville Patriot Kay Clymer. "We are the people and the people are the ones who say to the government this is what you can do. Unfortunately, it’s been reversed and the government thinks that they need to be in our pocket. They have to tell us what shower head to use, what kind of toilet we have to buy. They’re out of control."

Clymer said it’s not the guns killing people, but people. Part of the 23 orders from Obama do call for a dialog on healthcare and allow doctors to report patients that they think may be a threat; since some shooters do have mental health problems. She does believe in psychological testing.

"It’s not the guns fault and everyday about 84 million Americans have guns and no one has an accident with those guns," said Clymer. "They don’t harm anybody. There wasn’t a killing or anything. What happens is you get it in the wrong hands and we have enough laws to protect us."

To promote their message the Zanesville Patriots will be at Staley Communications on Putnam Avenue and Rittberger’s location on Maple Avenue from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday handing out bumper stickers that support 2nd Amendment rights.



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