Theater Performs For Library Crowd

Local News

The Zanesville Community Theater presented their production of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer to members of the Muskingum County Library System.

Once a year members of the library attend one the theater’s plays after reading the book and the script the play is based on. After the play, members of the audience were able to ask the actors about their roles.

"They just ask questions about what did you think about playing that character or what did you think about the lines because you know Tom Sawyer, the grammar is not the best so they’ll ask stuff like that and did you connect with your character, did you do that kind of stuff," said Board of Directors Member, Phil Palmer.

The cast of Tom Sawyer is a very young one and taking on the timeless classic by Mark Twain was difficult but Palmer says they were up to the challenge and excelled in their roles.

"They’re amazing. Again with the language, just the grammar it’s south, it’s difficult to get it and it’s written very specifically and not trying to correct the grammar, getting into character."

There are still several chances to see the play. To learn more and to see show times visit the community theater’s website.