Moving Ohio Forward Grant Update

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The Muskingum County Commissioners received an update on several grants throughout the county, including the popular Moving Ohio Forward Demolition Grant.

Community Development Director Sheila Samson met with the commissioners and informed them of several updates to the grant. Samson opened her office for requests on houses to be added to the list and since Monday has received many calls regarding the demolition project.

"We’ve had several people call in with concerns with some properties and they just wanted to let me know, they gave me those addresses and I told them I would add them to our list of inventory and begin our research and seeing if those are actual properties that we can address," said Samson.

At this time the grant can only address residential properties, commercial buildings are not covered in the state-wide fund. So far, eight houses have been demolished but Samson expects more to be torn down as the year continues.

"We have approximately $300,000 dollars between city and county so depending on the cost of asbestos we’re hoping to maybe address an additional 20 hopefully that number is larger that that," said Samson.

The Attorney General’s office visited Muskingum County to inspect the demolition process and said the county is right on track with the project.

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