Ceramic Vessels to be on Display

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The Muskingum County Community Foundation is preparing for their annual Groundhog Day Celebration and Auction. The event is on Groundhog Day, February 2nd from 5 to 9 pm at the Zane State/OUZ Campus Center and the MCCF has asked Arthur Kettner, From Zanesville Pottery, to create items for the event.

"The Muskingum County Community foundation, it values the arts and hand made crafts and they commissioned me to throw some vessels for their Groundhog Day Auction tables as centerpieces which will be auctioned off and the funds will go to the Muskingum County Community Foundation, " said Kettner.

Participants at each table will be able to big amongst themselves for one of the forty hand crafted centerpieces.

"Just donate time, donate pieces. I’ve been involved with this auction before and trying to help generate money for the community foundation and its a good cause. I like putting time in where there is good cause, where it helps people and helps the community to flourish, that’s what it’s about."

The finished products will be a stoneware finish, able to hold water and is dishwasher safe.


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