First Winter Storm Has Stores Bustling

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The first day of winter arrived with authority and area stores are stocked with supplies.

The Do-It Center on the East Pike has everything homeowners will need from shovels to de-icer. The store has had steady traffic as shoppers snap up the most needed items.

Assistant Manager Dennis Baldwin says this usually happens when the first snow storm comes into town and they are ready for the rush.

"We have a supply of snow shovels, rock salt, we have the ice melter that is easier on concrete," said Do-It Center Assistant Manager, Dennis Baldwin.

There is a new product on the market this year that will help melt ice and snow quickly and safely. Liquid Snow Shovel is easier on concrete and safer for pets than rock salt and it also doesn’t need re-applied as often.

"You put it in a sprayer and you put it down before the snow, and it’s supposed to stay there for two weeks, it stays there for a period of time and it’s ready when the snow comes, loosens it up so you can get it off easier," said Baldwin.

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