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Live on the radio is nothing new for those of us that work at WHIZ, but Friday musical acts from around the community got a taste of what it’s like.

For the second year the WHIZ Media Group gave a Christmas gift to the community in the form of live Christmas music on AM1240. There was a cappella groups, string ensembles, jazz bands and choirs. One of those is JG Company, a touring choir from John Glenn High School.

"They learn about 30 pieces of music for the Christmas season and they beg which one they want to do and some they don’t want to do," said Director of Choir and Theater Greg Milleson from East Muskingum School District. "It gives an opportunity to get them learned as we go out."

Also performing was the West Muskingum Jazz Band who had the task of moving in a drum set as quietly as possible, while others were performing.

"Live on the radio you want to keep things going," said West Muskingum Band Director Andrew Rutez. "We try and avoid dead air. We actually played three different songs so I had to quietly give them the signals. We use different drummers on each song, so they had to change seats and get ready without banging and clanging.

If you would like to hear the JG Company live they’ll perform during the school’s Collage Concert on Monday night at 7p.m. The jazz band, strings and other musical acts will perform as well.

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