Director of Safety Responds to Shooting

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The effects of the horrific school shooting in Connecticut were felt across the country.

The Director of Safety at Maysville High School is a former Chief of Detectives at the Zanesville Police Department.  Ric Roush said schools have an emergency plan in place.

"This can happen anywhere," said Roush.  "This can happen in a small town, a big city, and the other thing is too often we get into the mindset that things like this are only going to happen at a high school or a junior high, and we need to realize this can happen at an elementary school as well."

Roush said the school district plans to have teachers and administrators take part in special training.  That session is scheduled for next Wednesday.

"What we’re finding more and more is that sometimes lockdowns are not the best option and certainly not the only option," said Roush.  "In other words, if a school shooting is taking place on one end of a school, why are the students on the other end of the school locked down in the classroom?"

Roush spent 30 years with the Zanesville Police Department.

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