Nutter Honored by EMT

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Area emergency medical service responders took time out of a conference Saturday to honor one of their own.

New Lexington Chief of EMS Dave Nutter died this summer. Saturday, his wife, Julie, along with other family members were presented with a plaque to honor Nutter.

The presentation was an emotional one for all that new and loved, Dave. Julie said that beside their three grandchildren, Dave’s life was being an EMT.

"Anybody that knew Dave he would be mad at me for doing this," explained Julie. "He was private. He wanted no recognition for what he did because he loved it."

Julie joked that she and Dave couldn’t go on runs together because he wasn’t allowed to tell her what to do. But, she said when it was time to be serious you were serious. Vance Parkerson took over as EMT Chief following Dave’s death.

"You always knew where you were at. We never agreed on everything. He listened to my side. I listened to his side and we got things done," said Parkerson.

Parkerson said he’ll never completely fill Dave’s shoes but whenever he has to make a decision he thinks of what Dave would do and then tries to do it. Julie said she hopes that other EMT remember to have the drive and heart that he did when doing their jobs.

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