Zanesville Police Test Out Directed Activity Patrol

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The Zanesville Police Department hopes to fund a new program, to cut down on problems around the city…

For the last few weeks, the department has put its Directed Activity Patrol to the test. Officers have worked in teams of two, to address issues in Zanesville, ranging from stop sign and speed violators, to drugs and prostitution.

"What we’re doing is we’re putting a two-man team together, to just kind of combat that… Be aggressive… We’re not cutting warnings to too many people. But we’re just addressing problems throughout the city," said Zanesville Police Captain Tony Coury.

More recently, Coury said the department has received complaints of motorists running traffic lights and speeding in the downtown area. On Thursday, officers were on post, to catch violators in the act.

"We’re going to work 6th, 7th and Main Street. People disobeying these traffic lights, running them. We’re getting speeds up to 45 miles per hour so far, so we’re going to continue to do something."

The Directed Activity Patrol program has received funding up through November 29th. If the department is able to maintain funding, Coury said he would like to see the program up and running by the spring of 2013.

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