Mobile Meth Lab Combusts

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A plastic bottle with remnants from a mobile meth lab combusted this past weekend, and sent a West Muskingum High School student and teacher to the hospital.

Captain Tony Coury of the Zanesville Police Department says it happened just past ridge road along U.S. 40 around 11:30 a.m. Saturday. Two students along with the teacher were picking up trash along the roadway for a volunteer project.

"When the young child picked up the plastic bag, shopping bag, it had some kind of two liter or twenty ounce bottle with what we believe to be a mobile meth lab." said Coury. "There was a small explosion, the child and the teacher were taken to the hospital for precautionary reasons."

Captain Coury says if you see a bottle that looks like trash, take a close look at what’s inside before you get to close or touch it.

"If you see 20 oz bottles, 2 liter bottles, with something in them that appears to be not normal, doesn’t look like your normal soda inside these containers, there could be some signs of melting or it just doesn’t look right, you need not to touch them." Coury explained.

The student and the teacher were both treated and released. The other student was not transported.

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