“Twisters” Holiday Fundraiser

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The West Muskingum High School dance team held a holiday fundraiser Saturday to help with expenses.

The bazaar used to be an annual tradition for the "Twisters" dance team, but was lost in the process of coaching changes. Now, for the 2nd year in a row, the tradition has been restored, and a holiday bazaar was held at West Muskingum High School. The event aims to ease the costs for those who participate. Since programs at West M are pay-to-play, the extra money raised can be a big help.

"It will help some of the parents not to have to pay as much out of pocket and like I said before, it will help buy uniforms, helps pay for competitions and other things that they do." said event organizer Alexis Reynolds.

The event not only benefits the "Twisters", but everyone involved. Close to thirty vendors attended the event, and they will also see a profit.

"Competitions can get pretty expensive, and this is probably our biggest fundraiser of the whole year, and it raises a lot of money." explained "Twisters" Lieutenant Maggie Reynolds. "It’s not like only the "Twisters" are getting money, the vendors get money too and they get to advertise. Plus we get our name out."

The team was hoping to raise between five-hundred and one-thousand dollars at the event.

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