Brown and Mandel Face Off in Final Debate

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The candidates in Ohio’s U.S. Senate race have faced off for the last time before Election Day.

Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown and Republican State Treasurer Josh Mandel debated Thursday night in Cincinnati.  Last week Mandel called Brown a liar, and Brown said Mandel can’t be trusted.  They clashed on the auto industry bailout, which Brown supported and Mandel said was "fiscally irresponsible".

"800,000 jobs in this state are connected to the auto industry," said Brown.  "It’s not just the big auto assembly plant in Youngstown or Toledo.  It’s the steel plant just up the road in Middletown.  It’s the glass plant in Crestline.  It’s the plant that makes components for airbags in Brunswick."

Brown said his 35-year-old challenger is more concerned about his next office than doing the job he has now.  Mandel has depicted the veteran democrat as a career Washington politician.

"One of the reasons that Washington politicians have a bad track record and approval rating in Washington is because they live by one set of rules while all of us live by a different set of rules," said Mandel.  "It’s why in Washington, Sherrod Brown’s approval rating is pretty high, but in the state of Ohio, it’s very low."

Polls have indicated Brown has been holding the lead in the race.

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