Biddy League Football Dispute

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More than 80 kids won’t be able to play football this weekend thanks to a league dispute.

The Muskingum County biddy league football president says the West Rangers football program has been kicked out of the league for breaking the rules. A forum was held today at the Civic League center to bring parents together.

"We’ve got Community of Voices that is working in partnership with us to be a mediator between us they won’t invite me to a meeting they won’t communicate with me, we’re just as dumbfounded as the next, we don’t understand what’s going on," said West Rangers Team Representative Tasia Smith.

The list of infractions includes: bad behavior by coaches and players, failure to submit all background checks of coaches, and parents concerned for their children’s safety. The team representative for the Rangers says she has tried to contact the board to discuss the infractions but hasn’t received a response.

"This shouldn’t be able to happen. We need to reorganize and reconstruct this league so that no team, no child, no parent, no community should ever have to go through anything like this ever," said Smith.

Petitions are circulating in the community and more than one-thousand people have joined the cause so far.

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