Winter Driving Preparedness

Local News

October is car care month and AAA has some tips for you to get your car ready for winter.

During the winter, roadside assistance calls skyrocket as wintry weather leads to spin outs and breakdowns. Preparing for winter driving can help motorists avoid becoming stranded in the months ahead.

"You really want to first start by taking a look at your battery, make sure that that’s in good condition. Also look at your tires, the tread depth and the air pressure. Look at your lights, make sure they’re working, wiper blades, washer fluid and of course your brakes," said AAA Public Relations Manager, Kimberly Schwind. 

A lot of people will try and save money and not do proper maintenance but that can end up costing more money in the long run and can lead to drivers needing assistance on the side of the road.

"Motorists don’t really realize that the winter is very difficult on your vehicles and we tend to see a lot of break-downs a lot of spin-outs during the winter and many of these can be prevented with just some simple maintenance," said Schwind.

During last year’s mild winter the Ohio Auto Club responded to 134,000 roadside assistance calls while the harsher 2010-2011 winter had about 148,000 calls.